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Support the PETITION: Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People


Human trafficking exists in countries all over the world, not just in the poorest nations. It is the 3rd largest (1) and fastest growing criminal industry in the world. (2) In the Philippines, 70 per cent of trafficking victims are women, children & young people. In most cases, they end up being sold to bar and brothel owners and forced to work in the sex trade, including work in cybersex dens. Victims are treated as commodities; bought and sold as if they are properties.

The Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People campaign launched in partnership between ECPAT and The Body Shop seeks to create greater understanding

of the issue and raise vital funds for victims or those at risk of trafficking. The campaign comes with a petition that aims to collect signatures from people who want to help stop sex trafficking.
We need your support in this campaign by SIGNING THIS ONLINE PETITION so that thousands of online signatures represent a show of hands by everyone committed to

Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People. Midyear of 2011, we will present these signatures to the government. In the same year, worldwide signatures, including those coming from the Philippines, will be presented to decision makers in the UN.

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Be Aware, Join the Campaign And Let Your Name Be Counted!

Support the Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People campaign Now!

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(1) UNFPA 2006
(2) UNIFEM Gift 2008